Gallery Friedrich Neubauer

Claudia Schweizer
Nürnberger Nachrichten/ Foto Stefan Hippel from 12.11.2005

The permanent gallery Friedrich Neubauer was established in the basement of the premises in Lorenzer Straße 5 in 2005. In this basement room there are the historic foundations that have been preserved from the time when the estate was built on for the first time in the early sixteenth century. Until about 1500 the area belonged to the gardens of the Convent of St. Catherine´s (Katharinenkloster). In this room there is a staircase presumably leading down into an even deeper vault which probably today does not exist any more or has been filled up. The walls are built from massive sandstone blocks complemented with bricks. In one wall there is a recess which in the past was used to put a candle or lantern in. The existing historic look of ruins was consciously left untouched forming a challenging contrast to Friedrich Neubauer´s art of the twentieth century.

The majority of the collection can be presented permanently. In the anteroom a choice of drypoints of the reconstruction of the Nuremberg Old City destroyed in World War II is exhibited. In the next room there is a medieval draw well which was found and uncovered in 1996. It finishes off the ensemble. The well is 500 years old and could still be used. History and modern times are entwined and invite the visitor.

Guided tours can be booked: or phone +49 (0)911/225217