Machine Goblin | oil paint/wood/metal | Friedrich Neubauer

Machine Goblin

inventory number: w0153
Combined paintings
120 x 90 cm

The work “Machine Goblin” was created with regard to the autumn exhibition in “Haus der Kunst” (“House of the Art”) in Munich where it was presented to the interested public in 1972. It was given a prominent place in the entrance area of the show rooms. It asks the question whether machines will be able to replace or even control humans in the future. The cantilever exceeds the image frame and is no longer predictable as well as the iron punched out during the procedure, which will not allow to be kept in the bounds set to it. Cogwheels, transmission belts and weights reinforce the impression of an engineered world which can no longer be controlled by humans. Carefully chosen color contrasts against the white background round the impression off.